App Justification:
Business is overflowing with an ever-increasing mass of information. Sales revenue figures, prices, profit margins, forecasts, budgets, inventory, the list goes on and on. It’s the same story in a surprisingly large number of businesses.  But how do you know your field service executives are servicing all your customers on a regular basis?   There are expensive and intrusive GPS trackers you can have fixed to a fleet which plots 100% of the field service executive movements but, these systems are not popular with executives.

And that’s where the business intelligence App comes in. It gives you the information you need in a format you can understand. What’s more, you don’t have to be an IT expert to analyse this data.

Our App POMMs is designed specifically to work with the user, to be seen as a benefit to their role in the organisation.  Not only, will you know your customers are being services but, you are able to show the customer just how many times they have been services over any period of time you chose.  Forget paper systems; planners etc... POMMs XXX

And the beauty of POMMS is that it presents the information in a fixed set of templates, reports or dashboards that tell you what you need to know.  With POMMS, you select the date range and it gives you the answers you’re looking for in moments; whether you’re using a PC, smartphone or tablet. And if that prompts you to ask another question and then another, we’ll be with you every step of the way as you follow your chain of thought.

Maintain Focus.

When we were creating our business intelligence App, we agreed it should be built on two fundamental principles.

First, it should not be intrusive to the creativity and self management of users. And second, it should allow both managers and users to better; ‘plan, otimise, monitor, measure and SELL during their daily activities.